We think this section of the website may be our favorite. Louisiana has so many differant kinds of wildlife and plants & trees. There is also alot of differant landscape scenery. All along the Mississippi there is also alot of history. We hope to get it all in here in some form or another. To start with, I'll be putting some photo's that Ray has been taking from the boat. We are looking into getting something with a little better zoom lens, but for now, the baby zoom will have to do.

    These first 2 photo's were taken Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.  Anyone who hasn't ever sat on the porch and watched a good sunrise or sunset and listened to the sounds around you as they change with the changing of the light is really missing something. Ray had to be out on the boat working for Christmas this year, but with the bad also comes some good. 
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Last updated on: 2/3/2007
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